Rambutan Mix Descriptions

Protects your heart and enhances blood circulation by improving your blood lipid cholesterol and triglycerides profile.
For slimming without rebound . Treats obesity & lowers weight to get the desired body shape.

Herbal Home is proud to announce the invention of Rambutan Mix to supply you with a 100 % natural herbal extracts well balanced & synergistic manufactured employing advanced technologies to ensure an efficient highly recommended remedy to lower cholesterol & reduce weight .

One in 5 people has high cholesterol. Blood plasma levels as mg. / dL are classified as follows:
・Total cholesterol levels less than 200 are desirable.
・Total cholesterol levels between 200 and 240 are borderline-high.
・Total cholesterol levels more than 240 are high.
・HDL cholesterol levels should be above 40.
・LDL cholesterol levels should optimally be less than 100, levels above 130 are borderline-high, levels above 160 are high.

・Protects your heart by improving blood lipid profile.
・Mitigates lipid disorders.
・Reduces blood bad LDL cholesterol by 60%.
・Raises blood good HDL cholesterol by 30%.
・Lowers blood triglycerides by 65%.
・Inhibits synthesis of fat & cholesterol from the diet .
・Highly recommended to lose weight . It converts excess carbohydrates in the diet to liver glycogen which gives a signal of satiety to the brain with suppression of appetite & weight loss.
・Reverses the deleterious effects of cholesterol diet significantly.
・Inhibits HMGCoA reductase, thereby decreasing cholesterol synthesis.
・Increases the synthesis of bile salts from cholesterol through inhibition of a nuclear hormone receptor.
・Increases excretion of fecal sterols and bile salts.
・Increases cellular metabolic energy which rapidly degrades fatty acids.
・Stimulates & modulates certain lipolytic enzymes which burn excess fat continuously.
・Lowers the oxidative stress indicators (lipid peroxides) by 30 % with less build up of plaques.
・Inhibits cholesterol deposition in arteries with subsequent plaque formation.
・Induces plaque regression.
・Improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and cuts heart risk in half.
・Increases plasma fibrinolytic activity.
・Nourishes the body with proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Method of Administration:
Clinical studies shows that the daily intake of it is also recommended to have this dose .
It lowers blood cholestrol level a prophylactic measure.
It is preferable to have two sachets daily. One in the morning and the other in the evening half an hour after meal specially for those who have their blood cholestrol above 200mg / 100 ml (5mmol / litre).
You may enjoy having the sachets content mixed with water or the beverage you prefer, or have it directly-open the sachet and have the contents as they are without water.

It is preferable not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers