Mangosteen Mix | Descriptions

High blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the systemic arterial blood pressure is elevated. There are number of products available for lowering the blood pressure and almost all products are accompanied with some kind of side effects. Mangosteen Mix brings the solution to this hitch. Mangosteen Mix is an absolute heart tonic endowed with the extract of herbs which not only help in regulating blood pressure but also provide heart activity boosters. Mangosteen Mix promotes and improves heart health and cardio-vascular functions. It supports healthy heart muscle energy and helps in reducing platelet aggregation. Mangosteen Mix also helps in maintaining normal cholesterol levels and lipid metabolism. It also helps to reduce nervousness and anxiety generated effects. As a daily supplement this combination can be taken to maintain a healthy heart. It has shown beneficial effects to those who are stressed, smoker, are overweight, or consume high-fat diets.

Product Features:
・Acts as blood pressure lowering and blood regulating agent.
・Acts as an adaptogen to the body.
・Improves blood circulation in heart and body.
・Controls blood cholesterol levels.
・Balances LDL/HDL ratio to normalization.
・An effective remedy to lower blood pressure.
・Helps body and cardiac system towards various stresses.
・Acts as a prophylactic agent which helps in restoring the daily break down of body and heart tissues.
・Safe for all age groups.

Product Composition:
Each Sachet Contains:
Lemon Fruit
Mangosteen Powder

Dosage Form:
Oral Solid Dosage Form (Liquid).

Product Mechanism:
Mangosteen Mix has been formulated to help and improve hypertensive conditions of human body. Mangosteen Mix helps in hypertensive conditions via various mechanisms. It acts at the root cause of the problem and is very useful in primary hypertensive conditions.

Mangosteen Powder
Permitted Food Preservative(E202)

Method of Administration:
For patients having high systolic arterial blood pressure above 140mm.Hg or dialistic pressure above 80mm.Hg it is preferable to have Mangosteen Fruit Mix twice daily. One in the morning and the other in the evening half an hour after meal.
For higher blood pressure you may have three sachects daily.
You may enjoy having the sachets content mixed with water or the beverage you prefer, or have it directly-open the sachet and have the contents as they are without water.

It is preferable not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers.